Oh no … the semester is about to end … will we make it?

Hello All,

Firstly, yes, I know that I am about to make two posts on the same day. I actually wrote the earlier post weeks ago with the intention of posting it last week. However, this past week I was busy advising students for the spring semester … and before I knew it, the week had slipped away. Of course, that’s often how I feel about this time of the semester … the semester has slipped away. Will I have time to make sure the students will master all of the material designated in the curriculum as important? If I find myself running out of time, what should I skip or speed up on, knowing the students may leave my class with a conceptual gap?

Each semester is constrained by us having only a limited amount of time to assure students reach their outcomes for class. Yet, we have all had those semesters were we simply had to cut material … Spring of 2010 comes to mind were my students and I lost a full week of classes (one at a time) due to lots and lots of snow days.

So, the question I would like to pose for the sages and anyone else interested in commenting … for a first semester undergraduate applied statistics class … what are the most critical student learning outcomes that have to be mastered?

I look forward to hearing from you, and next week, I’ll make my comments as to what I feel is critical for students to learn.


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