A statistics teacher’s New Year’s Resolution

Hello All, and welcome to the New Year with Statistical Sage. 2010 was our first year. We began modestly in June. By the end of July, every day two or three people would stumble upon our web site. By November, that number was well over 20 every day, with some days attracting 40 or more visits. That level of intensity remained even as we approached the end of semester, much to my surprise. So, it will be exciting to see what 2011 has in store of us.

I suppose my first New Year’s resolution is that the Sages and I will continue to provide our experience regarding the teaching of statistics, integrating information from both the literature and our years in the classroom. Of course, resolution are probabaly suppose to require more effort and not be so much fun, right? I guess that makes this not much of a resolution.

Now, exercising as a new year’s resolution … that would be a challenge for me. Yet, with each passing year and recognizing the importance that good cardiovascular health has on one’s cognitive function and how exercise helps increase a person’s energy, energy that is needed in the class room … I suppose I must list this as a resolution.

I am hoping that through our discussions on these pages that I will be able to formulate two articles suitable for publication during 2011.

Finally, 2011 is the year I will be applying Mathematica demonstrations to my teaching! My goal for the spring semester is to identify and use at least 5 Mathematica demonstrations and make them available to students electronically via Desire 2 Learn (ESU’s course delivery system du jour). I also hope to make them available to everyone at Statistical Sage as well. For Fall 2011, it is my goal to identify Mathematica demonstrations for all of the concepts I teach.

I do hope those of you who are reading Statistical Sage resolve to visit us again and again throughout the year. I also hope many of you begin to actively participate in our discussions. There is something to be said for having an opportunity to discuss teaching with others who teach the same courses. So, please, make 2011 the year you join us!

Of course, I do wish you and your families* all a healthy*, happy*, and prosperous* 2011!

* Feel free to operationally define these variables in any manner you desire!


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