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Hello All,

I’m just back from Cambridge, MA where the Eastern Psychological Association held it’s annual conference. Though I had to pop in and out  quicker than I would have preferred (due to family constraints), I enjoyed reconnecting with friend and colleagues and meeting a few new ones. There are so many great reasons to make time to attend a conference like EPA, though few offer the kind of dedication to teaching and high quality research, at such an affordable price as EPA. (Yearly membership for EPA is $45, and includes the cost of the conference).

As for the past few years (8 — believe it or not), I was fortunate to be able to participate in the CUPP symposium (another great and inexpensive organization) that is dedicated to quality psychology curriculum. As in years past, this symposium was organized by Susan Nolan (her webinar on teaching statistics is just around the corner https://statisticalsage.wordpress.com/2011/02/21/webinars-with-nolan-and-heinzen/) and Janine Buckner, enthusiastic and dedicated faculty members from Seton Hall.

The topic of the symposium was putting students on the path for Life Long Learning. Working with Irina Khusid and Jyh-hann Chang, from ESU, we provided a brief overview of starting students off with the best foundation for Life Long Learning, especially in statistics.

Here is the link to the PowerPoint presentation. In it, includes several links to articles, surveys, and prior blogs.  In truth, much of it has been discussed in some detail on these pages. EPA symp 2011

As with all posts and links, I look forward to your comments.


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