A great statistical bag of tricks …

Hello All,

As we head into the heat of the summer, I have been reading several books on teaching. One book particularly caught my eye, Gelman & Nolan (2002). Teaching Statistics: A bag of tricks. Oxford University Press: Oxford.

The book provides a brief overview of how to approach the teaching of statistics, then provides topic specific chapters with concrete demonstrations and activities that you can use when teaching introductory and advanced statistics. The activities do two things … provide students with a visual manner of the critical concepts of statistics, including the practice of integrating all of that information together for the purpose of answering research questions using statistics. However, these activities also help keep students intellectually engaged and often sparks curiosity, which is a key to getting students to put forth the type of effort necessary for mastering statistics.

Even a statistical sage will be certain to find new ideas for teaching in Gelman & Nolan’s Teaching Statistics: A bag of tricks! 

It certainly makes for great summer reading!



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