Statistics Professor’s New Years Resolution — a Review from 2011

As we come to the end of a year, we often take stock. At StatisticalSage, we have seen a tremendous increase in viewers as we approach 6000 views just for 2011! That’s a big change from our first year, when on our best days we only had a couple of views. Currently we have over 100 people following this blog. Some of the people reading this blog have gotten new jobs, been promoted, and have made real growth in the quality of their teaching (and we would love to hear about it). Of course, another group of students have been exposed to the usefulness of statistics as a tool to answer important questions in health, business, science, and education, and hopefully, many of them have learned something lasting along the way.

As we enter wrap up 2011, I wanted to briefly review progress in my 2011 New Year’s Resolution ( ). Just a brief review, my resolution stated: “I will be applying Mathematica demonstrations to my teaching! My goal for the spring semester is to identify and use at least 5 Mathematica demonstrations and make them available to students electronically via Desire 2 Learn (ESU’s course delivery system du jour). I also hope to make them available to everyone at Statistical Sage as well. For Fall 2011, it is my goal to identify Mathematica demonstrations for all of the concepts I teach.”

Establishing this goal resulted in me making far greater advances in technology that I thought.  Students who used Mathematica did report greater understanding, but far too many students are still not making use of the Mathematica demonstrations outside of class.  My attempts have been documented in two prior blogs (  For Spring 2012, I will add an on-line quizzes that I am hoping will “motivate” students to make use of the Mathematica demonstrations. As I continue to find the best way of implementing Mathematica, I will continue to let you know.

I invite all of you to tell us about your advances in 2011 … it’s always nice to hear good news.

I wish everyone good health, happiness, and peace for you and your family!


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