So, someone might ask … Bonnie, what do you before the start of the spring semester? Well, I spend at least part of the time ramping up my course delivery software. I started using software to accompany my classroom teaching the first time I taught a college course while in graduate school. I believe I used Blackboard. Since that time, I’ve used a slew of different software packages, most of whom have been purchased by Blackboard.

However, last year, an administrative decision was made in Harrisburg that all Pennsylvania state school faculty would use D2L, Desire -2- Learn. It’s neither better nor worse than other packages, however, most textbook supplements are not set up to interface well with D2L. Thus, if you are using Kiess and Green (2010) Statistical Concepts to the Behavioral Sciences, 4/e, and are using D2L at your university, please, before you go through the trouble of getting all of the supplemental materials downloaded into D2L, contact me, and I can provide you with a copy ready for your applied statistics course.

May you all have a restful and productive break between semesters!


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