Khan Academy

Hello All,

As we get ready for the up coming semester, I thought I would provide you with a few short posts highlighting things that may help you prepare for  your upcoming semester.

I’m sure I’m not alone in having students who have conceptual gaps in basic mathematics. I have brought up specific areas in prior blogs, where students conceptual weaknesses interfere with their ability to master statistics. One method that I use for helping students overcome those gaps is to refer students to specific sections on a free educational website called Khan Academy,

There are videos and exercises mostly in the area of mathematics and applied mathematics, like statistics. The skill set starts at the elementary school level and continues through the college level. There are almost 60 different videos available on Khan Academy just for statistics, with more becoming available every day.

So … what are the two practice problems and video’s I refer students to the most???? ANOVA, t-test, standard deviation … nope … Order of Operation and Points on a Number Line are the two practice problems and video clips I am most likely to refer my students to.

Sure, I would rather have students come to me with their math skills in tact … but absent of that, I am grateful for Khan Academy, and highly encourage you to refer it to your students.

Happy preparation!


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