2011 – a Year of Recognition

2011 has been a Year of Recognition for Statistical Sage and the individuals who write for it.

Harold Kiess, the sage at StatisticalSage, has been awarded the honor of Fellow of the Eastern Psychological Association, particularly due to his dedication in the teaching of psychology, through his four applied statistics textbooks and one research method book. Congratulations, Hal!

Sage Andrew Ziner, was appointed to a position in Institutional Research and is now teaching statistics classes at Drexel University. Drexel is fortunate to have someone with the skill and dedication toward statistics that Drew possesses!

Blogger Bonnie Green, was nominated and elected to the Board of Directors for the Eastern Psychological Association, easternpsychological.org,  she is also serving as one of the co-chairs of APA’s Division 2 Teaching of Psychology’s Presidential Task Force on Statistical Literacy.  Anyone with recommendations on what statistical literacy should look like in psychology majors is encouraged to contact Bonnie.

Meanwhile, the blog, itself, has been recognized at one of the top 40 blogs for the ultimate stats geek, http://www.bschool.com/blog/2011/40-fascinating-blogs-for-the-ultimate-statistics-geek/ and one of the top 50 blogs on statistics, http://www.thebestcolleges.org/best-statistics-blogs/.

We look forward to 2012 being a year of continued recognition and growth, and we look forward to adding a couple more sages to our bloggers.


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