Oops, another gap in posts

Hello All,

Well, I think it’s safe to say … the sages are off doing sagely things, and I’ve been a bit busy — I’m working on a textbook on Psychometrics, so I apologize for the gap in postings.

Even if you don’t see yourself as a sage, I am looking for others to post on the teaching of applied statistics. Just contact me if you are interested in writing a post or two. I could sure use the help, and our readership is going up (even with me not posting) and it’s truly world wide.

Up for this summer … a review of what I found last semester in looking at challenges my students are having, and targeted ways to help students to  master applied statistics; THE most critical concepts in statistics and how to teach them, a list of books to add to your summer reading list, and we’ll also be hearing from an undergraduate who served as a peer tutor for the past three years, as she prepares to head off to graduate school.

If you have any ideas on this or other areas where we can post … please shoot me an email at bgreen  at esu dot edu.

Happy summer!


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