About Hal

I retired as a Professor of Psychology from Framingham (MA) State University in 2002. The 3rd edition of my text Statistical Concepts for the Behavioral Sciences had just come out in 2001, so I thought I was done with my writing. I was doing and enjoying those things that retirees do, when at 3:59PM on November 8, 2006, I received an e mail from Bonnie Green at East Stroudsburg University inquiring about when a new edition of the text would be coming out. My response was that it probably wouldn’t unless I had a coauthor. By 8:40PM of that same day I had an offer of a coauthor, and by November 9, Bonnie was on her way making plans for a 4th edition.

Now Bonnie has a very different conceptualization of retirement than I do. My view of retirement:

* Leisurely breakfast with coffee and  paper on the deck

* Watch mindless TV program

* Leisurely walk

* Relaxing lunch

* Nap

* Putter in the garden

* Relax

* Leisurely dinner

* Enjoy the hot tub

* Read a good book

Bonnie’s view of my retirement:

* Early and quick breakfast

* Check email for breaking developments in statistics

* Choose a topic and do research for monthly blog entry

* Review journals for any relevant articles or information

* Write a rebuttal to critics of statistical hypothesis testing

* Lunch at the computer

* Review draft of Chapter XX

* Begin revision of Chapter YY

* Check blog to see if anyone made comments that need a response

* Quick supper

* Check email for more breaking developments in statistics

* Review comments made while reviewing Chapter XX

This blog, however, is at least partially my responsibility, for I think I first suggested it. Please feel free to join in and share your ideas and experiences.


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