About Bonnie

Hello All,

It seems like it is time to update this page.

I started my adult life as an elementary school teacher, before obtaining my Ph.D. in experimental psychology from Lehigh University. For ten years, I taught applied statistics for at least half of my course load to students with a wide range of skills. I was asked to help out in the Dean’s Office, where a half time position turn into a two year, full time appointment. I learned a lot during my time as Associate Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, and am thrilled to be back in the classroom.  In addition to teaching applied statistics,  I also teach classes in child development, research methods, and psychometrics.

Hal Kiess and I co-authored the fourth edition of Statistical Concepts for the Behavioral Sciences, along with a fairly detailed instructor’s manual. I, with help from Josh Sandry, also wrote Assignments and Exercises for Students to accompany the textbook. Currently, I am working on a book on the teaching of statistics.

I encourage emails, and look forward to seeing more discussions.

Happy Teaching!



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