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Great Resource for the Teaching of Applied Statistics

Hello All,

The Society for the Teaching of Psychology has an office dedicated to great, peer-reviewed resources for teaching called the Office of Teaching Resources in Psychology.

Two such (free) resources for those of us teaching applied statistics include the free on-line book, Teaching Statistics and Research Methods: Tips from TOPS. http://teachpsych.org/ebooks/stats2012/index.php

Another such resource, is Statistical Literacy in Psychology: Resources, Activities, and Assessment Methodshttp://teachpsych.org/Resources/Documents/otrp/resources/statistics/STP_Statistical%20Literacy_Psychology%20Major%20Learning%20Goals_4-2014.pdf

The web site housing these two resources is filled with great ideas, all of which have been peer-reviewed. You can find teaching resources including example syllabi as well as article on how to maximize your students’ learning. Even if you are teaching applied statistics in an area outside of psychology, I encourage you to make use of this value set of tools. ( http://teachpsych.org/ )

Happy Teaching!



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